D7 Space Capsule House

Space Capsule House
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Space Capsule House | Products are widely used in tourist attractions, residential villas, office plants, camp dormitories, commercial blocks, etc. It has excellent performance of wind resistance, earthquake resistance, heat preservation, heat insulation, fire prevention, moisture resistance and environmental protection, and is a new development direction of human construction.

Product number:D7

Size: Length 11500mm* Width 3320mm* Height 3200mm

Area: 38.2 square meters

Living population:2 people

Electric power:12KW

Weight: About 8000KG

Main Structure
Steel Frame Steel Frame
Exterior panel Aluminum
Thermal Insulation 100mm Polyurethane Insulation Layer + Extruded Board
Exterior Glass 6+12A+6 Hollow LOW-E Glass or 6+6 Laminated Insulating Glass
Shell Surface Treatment (Metal Fluorocarbon Paint) Shell Surface Treatment (Metal Fluorocarbon Paint)
Balcony Panoramic Balcony (6+12A+6 Hollow LOW-E Glass)
Peripheral Light Strip Peripheral Light Strip (Surround Atmosphere Light Strip)
Entrance Door Smart Access Control System
Environmentally Friendly Interior Decoration
Ceiling All-in-one Board
Wall All-in-one Board
Ground Premium Wood Grain Lock Floor
Skylight None
Indoor Lighting Effect 3000K Warm Yellow Light
Outdoor Lighting Effect 4000K Warm White Light
Curtain Electric Curtains
Intelligent Control System Whole House Integrated Intelligent Control System
Socket Panel Brand Switch Panel
Circulating Ventilation System Circulating Ventilation System
Security Alarm Smoke Alarm/one-key Alarm/Water Immersion Alarm (need to be connected to the alarm host)
Bathroom Fittings
Bathroom Privacy Door (Frosted Tempered Glass) Bathroom Privacy Door (Frosted Tempered Glass)
Toilet Smart toilet
Shower Head Instantaneous Water Heater Integrated Shower
Washbasin Countertop Basin
Hanger Towel Rack Hanger Towel Rack
Faucet Tall Faucet
Whole House Equipment
Air Conditioner Ducted Air Conditioner
Water Heater Instant Hot Water
Heating Air heating three-in-one integrated bathroom heater



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