Precautions for the selection and construction of container houses

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The form of container building is: the use of ISO standard containers, combined into various forms of small and medium-sized buildings. Whether it's temporary buildings, public buildings, family homes, event venues, or anything in between, container buildings are up to the task.

The use of container mobile houses is not the same, so there are many kinds of information for making container mobile houses. However, in order to maximize the use of the loading capacity of the container mobile room, the following needs should be met in the selection of data: 1.
The data is light in quality and high in strength, and can accept certain tension and pressure.
 2. The data is convenient for processing and molding, and the production and maintenance costs are low, so as to reduce the cost of container mobile room transportation.
 3. The data should be sturdy and durable, have a long service life, and meet the needs of repeated use of container mobile houses.
 Under normal circumstances, a container mobile house is usually not made of a single data, but based on a certain data, and different materials are selected in different structures of the box, but the selected data should meet the
above needs!

Precautions for container house construction:

  • Pay attention to fire prevention

Fire is a common occurrence on construction sites, if the container mobile house you use is foam color steel plate, then you must also pay attention to fire prevention.

1. Please do not weld near the wall;

2. Winter heating stoves should be equipped with fire prevention equipment;

3. For container houses that require waterproof disposal, it is forbidden to use blowtorches on house materials;

4. Metal pipes should be selected when laying indoor lines, and should be firmly grounded or fire-resistant data pipes should be selected. Other needs should also be protected by casing when passing through the wall;

2. Ground-fixing

The container activity room of the color steel plate because the weight is lighter than the structure of the whole steel, in the encounter with 8 strong wind, can be blown by the wind, there may be risks, experts suggest that the use of color steel plate  container  should be the same as the establishment of the color steel room, with fixed bottom equipment. In coastal cities, which are often hit by hurricanes, container mobile homes need to be secured.

3. Three layers are prohibited

We often see on the construction site that there are 3-story color steel plate houses, but for the container mobile room of color steel plates, because the texture is relatively light, the real 3 container houses are superimposed together, there may be great safety risks.

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