Container House PK Traditional House

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Container houses, also called container houses, container mobile houses, and container houses, refer to houses with windows and doors that are mainly based on containers and slightly modified. This kind of container house is often used as a dormitory for workers on construction sites, and some people use it as a rental house. It is durable and easy to build. Therefore, container houses are also called living container houses.
Container: Generally, after decoration, the interior area is about 13 square meters, and each container is 1800USD, which is nearly 100USD per square meter.
Traditional housing: The construction cost varies from region to region. The average construction price in Weifang City is about 900USD per square meter, which is too different from that of containers.

Containers: Only in desolate places such as the suburbs, but containers are highly mobile, and you can change places without changing houses.
Commercial housing: You can choose according to your own wishes, either in the city center or in the suburbs. But once you buy it, it's hard to replace it.
Containers: Containers are usually only placed in remote areas, where the residences are scattered and the safety factor is low.
Commodity housing: There are hundreds or even thousands of households in a community, and there are property management patrols at ordinary times, with a high degree of security.
Container: very personalized, can be painted arbitrarily according to one's own preferences, and can be made very different. You can repaint it if you don't like it.
Commercial housing: the appearance can only be designed by the developer, and cannot be changed by oneself.

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