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Light steel structure house:
The light steel house has very good thermal insulation performance, because its design is oriented towards safety and livability. It contains thermal insulation layers and thermal insulation layers to prevent thermal bridges. The house is very warm in winter and cool in summer. It's warm in winter and cool in summer. In most areas, there is basically no stove in winter and no air conditioner in summer.
The light steel structure house also has very good earthquake resistance, because it uses light steel keel as the load-bearing structure of the house. The steel structure house has good toughness and ductility, and can resist earthquakes of magnitude 8 or above, which is very safe and practical.
In addition, the construction speed of light steel houses is also very fast, a building of 200 square meters can be completed in just a few weeks. Because in addition to the foundation, the materials required for the light steel house are transported to the site after being produced in the factory and assembled like a car, which not only reduces the difficulty of construction, but also controls the quality of the house.


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