Quick Installation Movable Foldable Container Home

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Quick Installation Movable Foldable Container Home

Advantages of folding container houses:

1. Can be used repeatedly for a long time, with sufficient strength
2. The loading and unloading of goods is very convenient
3. The container module greatly shortens the construction period, saving manpower and economy
4. With flexibility, mobility, stability, heat preservation


Item Specification
Size 5800*2500*2450mm
Steel Structure Square tube and bending steel plate
Length Inner length /external length: 5.70m/5.80m
Width Inner width /external width: 2.3m/2.50m
Height Inner height/external height: 2,41m/2.56m
Wall Panel 50mm EPS sandwich panel /rock wool sandwich panel ,0.326/0.376/0.426/0.476mm steel sheet
Wall Color White color and optional colors
Color White/Grey/Blue colofr for steel frame
Roof 50mm EPS sandwich panel /rock wool sandwich panel ,0.326/0.376/0.426/0.476mm steel sheet
Door 50mm EPS sandwich panel /rock wool sandwich panel ,0.326/0.376/0.426/0.476mm steel sheet with lock /optional doors
Window Aluminum sliding openings, PVC sliding openings with security bar
Floor 16mm thinkness fire protection MGO board /optional floor
Decoration Wall Optional: PVC cladding ,WPC cladding
Electricity Standard (Lighting + socket + switch)
Install Time 2 Workers 10 mins
Wind Resistance Wind speed≤120 km/h
Earthquake Resistance Grade 8
Snow Load Capacity Of Roofing 0.6kn/m2
Live Load Capacity Of Roofing 0.6kn/m2
Wall Permitted Loading 0.6kn/m2
Heat Conductivity Coefficient 0.35kcal/m2hc
Delivery Time About 15-20 working days
Container Loading 8 - 12 sets/40HQ



Product Feratures:

1. Can be transport overall, thus can be recycled to service different projects without reconstruction.
2. Environment protection :no construction waste, materials can be recycled.
3. Nice capacity of water proof .moisture proof and heat insulation and sound insulation.
4. Diversified Specification:Our design can be customized. The doors, windows and front and back walls can be exchanged each other. And the partition walls according to the customers’ requirements.
5. Practical,good space utilization and high performance.


Internal Display




1. Are you a factory or trading company?
— Guangdong Cbox Co.Limited. is a factory located in Shunde District , Foshan, Guangdong Province, China.
2.What's your delivery time?
— Normal order delivery time is 2-30 days after recevie deposit. Big order delivery time should confirm with order management dept.
3.What is your terms of payments?
— 30% deposit in advance, balance before shipment.
4.Is it difficult to build a prefab house?
— Easy to install, installation video and guide book send to you showing how to fast installation, Or we can send engineer or installation team to construction site.
5.Do you provide on-site installation service?
— Big projects provide installation services, installation charge standard: 150 USD / Day, customer charge travel fee, accommodation, translation fee, and ensure staff's health and safety.
6.How do you guarantee the quality of the products?
— Quality first, 100% strict quality checking before delivery.
7.How can I get the quotation of the project?
— If you have drawing, we can offer quotation accordingly. If you don't have design, we will design some drawings for your confirmation, and then offer quotation.
8.What is your supply capacity?
— We supplu over 160000 sets standard container house monthly.
9.Can help to purchase the appliances and install inside?
— We can help purchase some appliances if needed such as air conditioning, refrigerator, dishwasher, ocen etc. packed inside container ship together with container house.
10.How to get a fast quotation?
— You tell us container house type, size, quantity, material of roof, wall, floor and ither parts, we will check and fast offer you quotation. for the detachable container house and portable toilet, we can give you the price within 10 minutes after recevice your specifications.


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