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Detachable Container House
  • detachable
  • flexible
  • Compared with traditional buildings, its structure is lighter
  • Easy to transport, especially suitable for units that frequently change construction sites
  • The activity room is based on a standard steel chassis, which can generate many combination spaces.
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what we do

Feasibility Studies Design Fabrication & Fit-out
We generally recommend a low-costfeasibility study as the starting pointfor a new development Our in-house design team worksclosely with our fabricators to designaward winning buildings that remaininexpensive and are buildable over ashort time frame. Our buildings can be constructed tointegrate a wide range of floor platesand interior fit-outs. As well asminimised build cost and need forextensive foundations,IBOXB Container reduces construction time.


Q: Are you a factory or tradingcompany?
A: We are professional factory ofprefab house, so we can supply highquality and good price for you


Q: Is prefab house stable?
A: Set your hearts at rest! You arecompletely safe living in light steelprefab house even if there arehurricanes of 2ookm/h and9-grade earthquake outside.


Q: Could you please design a newand unique prefab house for me?
A: Absolutely! We are able to provideyou with not only construction scheme, but landscape design! One-stop service is our outstandingsuperiority with no doubt


Q: How can I get the quotation ofthe project ?
A:If you have drawing ,we can offeryou our quotation according to yourdrawing . If you have no design , Ourengineer will design some drawings foryou to confirm.And then offer you aquotation.


Q: Does this kind of house can onlybe used in residential buildings?
A: Absolutely not.It can be used in allkinds of buildings, such as hotel,office, school, entertainment club, lightindustrial workshop, etc.


Q: What is the delivery time?
A: Delivery time depends on orderquantities.Generally, the delivery timewill be 15-25 days after receiving thedeposit.


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