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Iboxb company is a manufacturer of movable panel house, container house, packing box, quick assembly box, color steel plate house production, research and development and sales in one. Our company has insightful design team and manufacturing factory. We serve every visiting customer with our heart.

Our company's products include: container houses, movable panel houses, packing boxes, quick assembly boxes, folding boxes, light steel villas, metal embossed panels, mobile offices, mobile kiosks, site dormitories, multi-unit combination houses, custom modular buildings and many other different kinds.

Four reasons for choosing us.

1、 Factory supply more preferential

2、 Better product quality

3、 Support customization is more suitable

4、 After-sales service is more assured

Services we can offer you:

1Customized ServicesIf you do not have design drawings, we can also design for free

2Factory direct sales

3And if any technical questions or problems,Our engineers will help you and give you solutions on the phone or by face-to-face communication online

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